Our technical team has identified connectivity issues when trying to access the app. This problem is currently under investigation, and our app provider engineers are working to resolve it as quickly as possible.

As a result of this issue, we’ll waive all late class cancellations or no-shows for the affected time period as soon as the system is back online.

If you have a class booked, please proceed to the class as usual. You can view your class timetable below.

Class spaces will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. We apologise for the inconvenience this has caused.

Timetable updated: Monday 15 April, 2024

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – No Gi MIXED LEVELSMonday7:00Dojo
AfterburnerMonday7:00Rig & Treadmills
Just RideMonday7:30Cycle
Hatha YogaMonday7:30Brewer
WattbikeMonday7:45Watt Bikes
Formula 3Monday8:00Sherwood
Speed FiendsMonday8:00Rig & Treadmills
Dynamic Mat PilatesMonday11:30Brewer
Speed FiendsMonday12:00Rig & Treadmills
The WODMonday12:00Sherwood
Just Ride 30Monday12:15Cycle
Dynamic Mat PilatesMonday12:30Brewer
BJJ X Self Defence SkillsMonday13:00Dojo
BoxologyMonday13:00Boxing Ring
Wattbike 30Monday13:00Watt Bikes
Vinyasa YogaMonday13:30Brewer
Olympic Weightlifting WorkshopMonday17:00Soho
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – INTROMonday17:15Dojo
Speed Fiends 30Monday17:15Rig & Treadmills
Rocket YogaMonday17:45Brewer
Just RideMonday17:45Cycle
Core 45Monday17:45Glass Floor
Women’s BoxingMonday18:00Boxing Ring
Hyrox TrainMonday18:00Rig & Treadmills
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – No Gi FundamentalsMonday18:15Dojo
Vinyasa YogaMonday18:45Brewer
WattbikeMonday18:45Watt Bikes
Boxology Sparring – TechnicalMonday18:50Boxing Ring
Sweat XMonday19:00Rig & Treadmills
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – No Gi MIXED LEVELSMonday19:30Dojo
Sound BathMonday20:15Brewer
WattbikeTuesday6:45Watt Bikes
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – No Gi MIXED LEVELSTuesday7:00Dojo
TRX MaxTuesday7:00Glass Floor
Hyrox TrainTuesday7:00Rig & Treadmills
Vinyasa YogaTuesday7:15Brewer
BoxologyTuesday7:30Boxing Ring
Just RideTuesday7:45Cycle
Speed FiendsTuesday7:50Rig & Treadmills
The WODTuesday8:00Sherwood
WattbikeTuesday8:00Watt Bikes
Dynamic Mat PilatesTuesday8:15Brewer
Core 30Tuesday8:15Glass Floor
Speed FiendsTuesday9:00Rig & Treadmills
Mat Pilates FundamentalsTuesday9:30Brewer
Speed Fiends 30Tuesday11:30Rig & Treadmills
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – No Gi MIXED LEVELSTuesday12:00Dojo
Just RideTuesday12:00Cycle
Sweat XTuesday12:15Rig & Treadmills
Rocket YogaTuesday12:30Brewer
Core 30Tuesday12:50Glass Floor
BoxologyTuesday13:00Boxing Ring
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – FundamentalsTuesday13:15Dojo
Dynamic Mat PilatesTuesday13:30Brewer
Sound BathTuesday14:30Brewer
Hatha YogaTuesday16:15Brewer
BJJ X Self Defence SkillsTuesday17:15Dojo
Hot Yin YogaTuesday17:30Brewer
Just RideTuesday17:45Cycle
BoxologyTuesday18:00Boxing Ring
The WODTuesday18:00Sherwood
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu GI – MIXED LEVELSTuesday18:15Dojo
Sweat XTuesday18:15Rig & Treadmills
Hot Vinyasa YogaTuesday18:30Brewer
Formula 3Tuesday19:00Sherwood
Speed FiendsTuesday19:15Rig & Treadmills
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – SparringTuesday19:30Dojo
Hot Yin YogaTuesday19:30Brewer
Sweat XWednesday6:15Rig & Treadmills
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – No Gi FundamentalsWednesday7:00Dojo
Mat Pilates FundamentalsWednesday7:00Brewer
WattbikeWednesday7:00Watt Bikes
Core 30Wednesday7:15Glass Floor
Speed Fiends 30Wednesday7:15Rig & Treadmills
Just RideWednesday7:30Cycle
Hot Vinyasa YogaWednesday8:00Brewer
Bodyweight HIITWednesday8:00Sherwood
Hyrox RunWednesday8:05Rig & Treadmills
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – INTROWednesday8:15Dojo
Speed FiendsWednesday11:00Rig & Treadmills
WattbikeWednesday12:00Watt Bikes
Hyrox RunWednesday12:00Soho
TRX MaxWednesday12:30Glass Floor
Hot Vinyasa YogaWednesday12:30Brewer
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – No Gi MIXED LEVELSWednesday13:00Dojo
Hardcore Cycle 30Wednesday13:00Cycle
Learn To Lift – Lower BodyWednesday13:00Soho
Hot Yin YogaWednesday13:30Brewer
Hatha YogaWednesday17:15Brewer
Core 45Wednesday17:30Soho
Just RideWednesday17:45Cycle
BoxologyWednesday18:00Boxing Ring
Sweat XWednesday18:00Rig & Treadmills
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – No Gi MIXED LEVELSWednesday18:15Dojo
Sound BathWednesday18:15Brewer
TRX MaxWednesday18:30Glass Floor
Boxology Sparring – TechnicalWednesday18:50Boxing Ring
The WODWednesday19:15Sherwood
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – FEMALE ONLYWednesday19:30Dojo
Hot Vinyasa YogaWednesday19:30Brewer
Hot Yin YogaWednesday20:30Brewer
Hyrox RunThursday6:15Rig & Treadmills
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – No Gi MIXED LEVELSThursday7:00Dojo
AfterburnerThursday7:15Rig & Treadmills
Wattbike 30Thursday7:15Watt Bikes
BoxologyThursday7:30Boxing Ring
Vinyasa YogaThursday7:30Brewer
Just RideThursday7:45Cycle
Speed FiendsThursday8:00Rig & Treadmills
Core 30Thursday8:15Glass Floor
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – INTROThursday11:30Dojo
Hatha YogaThursday12:00Brewer
Just RideThursday12:15Cycle
Speed FiendsThursday12:15Rig & Treadmills
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – No Gi FundamentalsThursday12:30Dojo
BoxologyThursday13:00Boxing Ring
Sound BathThursday13:00Brewer
Sweat XThursday13:15Rig & Treadmills
Core 45Thursday13:15Glass Floor
Learn To Lift – Upper BodyThursday13:30Soho
Vinyasa YogaThursday16:15Brewer
Speed Fiends 30Thursday17:15Rig & Treadmills
Hot Vinyasa YogaThursday17:30Brewer
WattbikeThursday17:45Watt Bikes
BoxologyThursday18:00Boxing Ring
Formula 3Thursday18:00Sherwood
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – No Gi MIXED LEVELSThursday18:15Dojo
AfterburnerThursday18:15Rig & Treadmills
Dynamic Mat PilatesThursday18:30Brewer
WattbikeThursday18:45Watt Bikes
The WODThursday19:00Sherwood
TRX MaxThursday19:15Glass Floor
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu GI – MIXED LEVELSThursday19:30Dojo
Mat Pilates FundamentalsThursday19:30Brewer
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – No Gi FundamentalsFriday7:00Dojo
Formula 3Friday7:00Sherwood
Hot Hatha YogaFriday7:15Brewer
Just RideFriday7:30Cycle
Hyrox RunFriday8:00Soho
Vinyasa YogaFriday8:15Brewer
Dynamic Mat PilatesFriday9:15Brewer
Kickboxing FundamentalsFriday12:00Dojo
Hyrox TrainFriday12:00Rig & Treadmills
Dynamic Mat PilatesFriday12:30Brewer
Speed FiendsFriday13:00Rig & Treadmills
Kickboxing Technical SparringFriday13:00Dojo
Core 30Friday13:15Glass Floor
Hot Hatha YogaFriday13:30Brewer
The MethodFriday17:30Sherwood
Rocket YogaFriday17:30Brewer
Sweat XFriday17:45Rig & Treadmills
Just RideFriday17:45Cycle
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – FundamentalsFriday18:00Dojo
Core 30Friday18:45Glass Floor
Hot Yin YogaFriday19:00Brewer
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – No Gi MIXED LEVELSFriday19:15Dojo
Hot Vinyasa YogaSaturday9:30Brewer
Sweat XSaturday10:00Rig & Treadmills
Just RideSaturday10:00Cycle
Core 45Saturday10:00Sherwood
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – FundamentalsSaturday10:30Dojo
Vinyasa YogaSaturday10:30Brewer
BoxingSaturday11:00Boxing Ring
Sound BathSaturday11:45Brewer
Kickboxing Sparring – Advanced OnlySaturday12:00Dojo
Olympic Weightlifting WorkshopSaturday12:00Soho
Hyrox TrainSaturday12:15Rig & Treadmills
Sound BathSaturday13:00Brewer
Hot Mat Pilates FundamentalsSaturday14:30Brewer
Vinyasa YogaSaturday16:15Brewer
Speed FiendsSunday9:00Rig & Treadmills
Just RideSunday10:10Cycle
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – OPEN MATSunday10:30Dojo
Vinyasa YogaSunday10:30Brewer
Sweat XSunday11:00Rig & Treadmills
Yin YogaSunday11:30Brewer
Learn To Lift – Upper BodySunday11:30Soho
Hot Hatha YogaSunday12:30Brewer
Core 30Sunday13:25Sherwood
Learn To Lift – Lower BodySunday13:30Soho
Hot Yin YogaSunday14:00Brewer