Third Space PT Suzana Sorokova

Suzana Sorokova

Suzana is a very passionate and driven PT who will make you feel heard and cared for. She takes pride in teaching her clients how to train and why. She is very skilled in what she does and pays lots of attention to detail (technique). Her approach to training is holistic and individualized with a strong emphasis on finding a sustainable lifestyle that’s good for the body as well as mind.

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Body re-composition
Strength Training
Fat loss
Behavior Change


REPS Level 3 Personal Trainer
Strength System International Certification Level 1
Certified Tiny Habits Coach


Suzana has been in the industry for over 6 years now, however her training knowledge and experience started more than 9 years ago when she first got into training. Suzana has competed at a national level in power-lifting and knows what it takes to achieve your training goals and is well placed to help you get there.

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