Josh Brewster

Combining his Knowledge in Sports and Exercise Science with his experience working in both a rehabilitative and commercial gym environment, Josh has adopted an ethos of ‘making the science work for each person’. Whether it’s a performance, aesthetic or well-being goal, Josh empathises with each client whilst implementing long-standing habitual changes that result in sustained success.

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Strength and Conditioning
Power and Athletic Development
Injury Rehabilitation
Muscle Growth
Fat Loss
Postural Improvement


BSc Sport and Exercise Science
Level 3 Personal Trainer


 Having worked with clients ranging from elite athletes to the casual gym goer, Josh recognises the significance of delivering bespoke solutions to meet specific individual needs. Josh himself is a current non-league footballer, understanding that minute details can substantially affect performance outcomes. He incorporates this appreciation in his coaching style, leaving no stone unturned in his analysis and guidance.

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