Jemma Nolan

Jemma works with her clients to build strength and confidence in your training. Her goal is to educate and empower you to take control, allowing you to evolve into your happiest, strongest, most resilient version of yourself both in your training and for life.

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Strength & Conditioning
Hypertrophy Training
Body Re-composition
Lifestyle, Habit & Mindset Coaching


BSc. Exercise and Sport Science
ASCA Accredited S&C Coach
Mat Pilates Certification
CIMPSA Level 3 Personal Trainer


Jemma has gained knowledge and respect for strength training and its ability to improve health-related biomarkers, strength, performance and function, as well as the positive effect it has on overall well-being. Jemma creates individualised programs that are designed with intent, helping you to progress in your fitness goals at  pace that works for you. Her mission is to bridge the gap between fitness, health and wellness and create a program that embodies the importance of a healthy mind and soul, as equal to the importance of a healthy body.

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