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Nutritional coaching
Fat loss
Muscle gain
Behavioral/Habit coaching
Movement efficiency
Strength and Conditioning


Precision nutrition Coaching
Animal Flow Level 1 & 2
UKSCA planning effective programming and foundation in strength & conditioning
Kettlebell qualified
VipR qualified


How do you start your day?

Stretch, hydrate with water, salt, lemon, apple cider vinegar.

Describe your attitude to fitness in 3 words?

Focus, self-improvement, self-love

What your favourite place in London?

Hidden gardens in the Barbican

Trainer Bio

Having trained city professionals for the past 5 years Greg recognises what is required for a tailored approach for busy professionals. This led him to educate his understanding of nutritional coaching for long-term habit change. He recognised that small changes done consistently yield big results. He will take pride in developing realistic but challenging strategies to ensure your fitness, health, and lifestyle are all moving you forward. Greg’s approach will ensure you develop a stronger, more mobile body, taking a well-rounded approach to your training.

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