Third Space PT Enoch Odubote

Enoch Odubote

Enoch has 5 years experience in Neuro-rehabilitation and a rich history in competitive sports, giving him a unique understanding of the mindset required to succeed. With Enoch’s expertise you will be able to feel better, move better and perform better through tailored and conscious coaching.

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Strength training
Sport specific training
Improving functionality / quality of life
Corrective exercise
Body recomposition
Injury management / prevention


BSc Health, Exercise and Physical Activity
Level 3 Personal training
Level 3 Exercise referral specialist
Level 2 Fitness instructor
Level 2 Boxing Fundamentals


Enoch’s movement journey began when he was just 15 years old. Enoch helped his Muay Thai teacher with English in exchange for training. He later began to learn the art of boxing and competed in welterweight class for 2 years. Enoch understands the power of using sports to overcome challenges. He took his sport knowledge and applied it to his personal training experience. Enoch thinks of training people like completing a puzzle. With patience and dedication, he will help you put the pieces together. He’s all about making big changes with encouraging adherence.

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