Third Space PT Beniamin Lazar

Beniamin Lazar

Ben is a hands-on motivated and disciplined personal trainer, who believes the importance of strength is crucial for not only the physical aspects of fitness but the mental element of training.

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Strength and Conditioning
Fat loss


L3 Diploma – Sport Science: Anatomy and Physiology
L3 Extended Diploma – Sport – Development Coaching and Fitness – D*DD, 2016-2018
Kettlebell Training CPD
Circuit Training CPD
TRX (Suspended Training) CPD
YMCA - L3 Personal Training Diploma
BSc (Hons) – Sport and Exercise Science


Having competed in Rugby, Martial Arts and Powerlifting, these sports have provided Beniamin the understanding of tailoring goals and individual personalized needs, maximising the efficiency of his programmes, to achieve the desired outcomes.

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