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Body Composition – Fat Loss
Hypertrophy – Muscle Gain
Muscle Toning
Strength Training
Blood Analysis


BSc in Sports Science (Exercise and Fitness)
Level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer
GP Referral Instructor
PICP Level 2 Strength Coach
Biosignature Practitioner Level 2
Bob Guiel Applied Muscle Testing Level 2


What is your favourite exercise?

Anything that involves weights, but not lunges (I prefer
someone else doing that).

What do your normally crave for?

Chocolate and hot sauce, but not together… maybe chilli

How do you treat life?

By taking it as it comes and not regret any decisions made.

Trainer Bio

Aneet’s desire for exercise and fitness has always been there at an early age, having played
many sports and always wanted to base his career around his passion. But it was at
university where the fond of personal training came across. Having being that person who
enjoyed the ‘uni’ life a bit too much, it was when he took upon himself to get personal
trained to see what it takes to get into shape and enjoyed every bit of result that went with

it. He knows how it feels to make that journey and has continued his education to make
sure everyone feels the same way as he did.

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