Third Space PT Anais Dibben

Anaïs Dibben

Specialising in both Sports Science and Sports Nutrition, Anaïs aims to take a holistic approach with all her clients to achieve physical and mental confidence both in and out of the gym. She integrates strength training with sustainable, non-restrictive nutrition coaching to empower clients for long-term success.

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Strength Training
Individualised Nutrition
Sustainable Body Fat Loss
Muscle Mass Gain / Hypertrophy


BSC Sport & Exercise Science
MSc Applied Sports Nutrition
L4 RSPH Nutrition
L2 Fitness Instructor
L3 Personal Trainer


As an accomplished personal trainer holding a BSc degree in Sport & Exercise Science, an MSc in Sports Nutrition, and a Level 4 Nutrition Diploma, Anaïs offers a holistic approach to health and fitness.

Whether an athlete or a day-to-day fitness lover, she provides support on strength training and nutrition fundamentals tailored to the individuals needs and objectives, ensuring that the client can maintain a nutritious diet and programme without sacrificing the enjoyment of their favourite foods and busy lifestyles.

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