Third Space PT Connor Bungay

Connor Bungay

Connor is extremely passionate about sports and performance and believes that anything is possible when a client approaches training with the right mindset. He values the unique goals and experiences of all of his clients and approaches each session with the desire to get the most out of his clients and achieve their goals.

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Body Composition
Muscle Building (Hypertrophy)
Weight loss
Strength Training


Personal Training Qualification Level 3
Bachelor’s degree in Sport and Exercise Science
Sport and Exercise Psychology
Advanced Biomechanical Analysis


Connor’s goal as a trainer is to empower his clients with skills that extend beyond the gym, fostering confidence and capability both inside and outside fitness settings. His training approach blends strength and bodybuilding techniques alongside functional movement, helping clients achieve their fitness goals such as building muscle, burning fat, and improving overall well-being.

Connor provides the tools, knowledge, and unwavering support to empower each client to become the best version of themselves and achieve results they once believed were out of reach. From competing in golf at a professional level to more recently competing in HYROX events across the globe, Connor has a wide scope of knowledge regarding all different aspects of training and fitness which he implements into all his programming and sessions with his clients.

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