To welcome you back to training

Whilst our clubs may remain closed a little longer we’ve been preparing for the moment we could welcome you back. When we reopen you’ll notice some changes, these are designed to keep our members and team safe.


If you are feeling unwell, stay at home and follow government self isolation guidelineS


To access the club you must book using the Third Space app. This will allow us to manage capacity and create a safe space for you to train.


Please wash your hands when you arrive and regularly throughout your visiT

We’ve made changes in four key areas to give you…

personal space


so you can get in the zone

Capacity restrictions at every club

Equipment has been arranged to help members and trainers to safely social distance

Classes have been adapted to reduce shared equipment and give members more personal space

personal space


so you can do what you love

Staggered class times and more classes throughout the day so you have more opportunities to do the classes you love

Online and on demand classes continue to be available to give you full flexibility in your training

personal space


so you can train easy

Thermal cameras will scan members before entrance, reducing the risk of anyone with a fever entering the club

The cleanliness of our clubs has always been our priority, and we have a fully in-house expert team of housekeepers that many of you will know and recognise. At this time we have re-doubled our efforts with more members in the team to ensure “throughout the day” cleaning, and we will be using the most advanced medical grade antiviral products to kill bacteria and viruses

Sanitising stations in all studios and key points around the club

Studios will be cleaned between classes using antiviral products. Studio equipment is coated with a 30 day antiviral shield protection weekly and is also deep cleaned daily. We will ask you to wipe down equipment you use before and after use

Pool filtration and disinfection methods which include ozone, UV-C and chlorine are providing the highest quality water standards

Air ventilation and conditioning systems have been re-calibrated to deliver at least 30% more filtered fresh air than industry guidelines. We have also improved the filtration of the air in our clubs by up to 90% as approved by a CIBSE registered consultant



personal space



Signage throughout the club to explain the measures we’re taking and what you can do

A revised guide on club etiquette is available with more information on
– Being aware of social distancing –
– Respecting fellow members and team members –
– Cleaning equipment after use –
– Entry process –
– Not attending the club if you feel unwell –

More information about booking via the Third Space app will be sent before reopening

Will I be charged while the club is closed?
Your membership remains on a free freeze whilst the club is closed and you will not be charged, there is no need to contact us. Please do not cancel your direct debit.

Can I freeze my account once the club opens?
When the club opens you can extend your freeze free of charge, a form will be made available when we confirm the opening date.

My membership is paid annually and/or by my company?
Annual memberships will be extended for the period the club has been closed, or your company will be credited. Speak to your internal HR team regarding your personal payments.

Will my guest passes, credit & loyalty gifts expiry date be extended?
Yes we will be extending these gifts once we open. However during the re-opening period we request you do not bring any guests so we can prioritise members.

Can I use a guest pass whilst my membership is frozen?
So we can prioritise live members, you are not able to access the club whilst your account is frozen.        

Will unused PT sessions be rolled over?
Yes your account has been updated and all unused session extended.

When will the club re-open?
We will provide further communication as soon as there is an update.

How will I receive my refund for March?
When the club re-opens the days that the club was closed in March will be deducted from your next direct debit collection, or added onto your annual membership. If you do not have another collection as you are leaving the club, we will find a way to compensate you for these days and will communicate once the club re opens.

For any other membership query, email

Do I need to make a booking in order to visit the club or do a class?’
Yes, all members will need to book in advance via the app for a gym visit or to attend a class until further notice. Please arrive 10 mins before your class, gym session or PT session start time to allow for your temperature check, your check in and to make your way to the changing room. The booking window opens 48hrs in advance and gym sessions are available every 15 mins. We kindly ask you to limit your session to 90 mins to allow us to control capacity. During the initial opening period we ask that you limit your sessions to one per day.

How often is everything cleaned?’
We have increased the amount of housekeepers in our teams to allow for continuous all day cleaning and have stringent cleaning routines throughout all our club areas paying specific attention to high touch point areas and using accredited antiviral cleaning products.

Do I need to bring towels and a water bottle?
We will be providing towels as normal. There are water fountains to fill water bottles but not drink directly from.

Are the showers open?
Yes the showers are open as usual.

Is the sauna and steam room open?
No we have decided not to open these immediately as they are smaller spaces and harder to socially distance.

Do I need to book all classes on the app?
Yes you will need to book all classes through the Third Space app for all clubs including Canary Wharf. Booking opens 48hrs before the class.  You can arrive 10 minutes before your class booking to allow time for temperature scanning and check in. All the usual booking and cancelling and no show rules apply – click here to read.

Can I use the gym after my class?
Yes you can but we kindly ask that you limit your total session to 90 mins so that we can control capacity in the club.

How long are the classes?
All classes are now 45mins in length to allow for an immediate post-class deep clean.

When do you clean the studios?
Studios will be cleaned immediately after every class. Studio equipment is coated with a 30 day antiviral shield protection weekly and is also deep cleaned daily. We ask you to wipe down equipment you use before and after use. Plenty of disinfectant wipes and hand sanitiser will be available in all studios.

Will instructors be observing social distancing?
We have asked our instructors not to shake hands, or offer hands-on corrections in our studios. The team will focus on staying in one place in the studio, rather than walking the entire room.

Will the classes be busy?
We have reduced the capacity of all classes by at least 50%, to ensure there is plenty of room for you to social distance during the workout. We have also spread classes throughout the day for more flexible training.

Are all classes running?
Classes that include shared equipment will not be taking place, examples of this include Afterburner, Rig Fit and Circuits. For the first few months, we also will not be running any of our gym floor classes. This includes Speed Fiends, Sweat-X and TRX.

Some class options will be moved to a studio, such as Core. Please check the Timetable on the app for the classes that are running.

Do I need to bring my own yoga mat?
No these remain in place along with yoga accessories as we will be encouraging cleaning before and after with the appropriate cleaning equipment and also deep cleaning as part of our schedule. If you would like to bring your own that is of course fine.

Will you provide combat equipment?
Please bring your own straps and gloves for our combat classes.

Will you provide shoes for Wattbike classes?
At reopening we will not be providing cycle shoes but this will remain under review.


Who books my PT session?
The PT’s are solely responsible for their diary and will book all sessions for you. Once booked they will be shown on the app so you can confirm the booking is secure. Please arrive 10 minutes before your session to allow for temperature checks and check in at concierge.

Is the cancelation policy still the same?
There is a strict 24 hour cancelation policy. This is especially important right now, to protect the PT’s time and ensure other members can use the time slot if available.

I don’t think I can come to the club as often, can I try online PT?
Please register your interest here and we will be in contact.

Download to book

To access the club you must book using the Third Space app. This will allow us to manage capacity and create a safe space for you to train.