The clinic at Third Space Tower Bridge is focussed on the patient journey. Every client is triaged on initial consultation, with a plan detailing specialists and treatment. This creates a unique style of sports clinic that produces the best outcome for patients.

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Most people have no idea how good their body is meant to feel. Osteopathy is the medicine of restoring correct movement and function back to the body. This means that even people without obvious injury can feel huge benefits. So whether you are nursing a sore knee or shoulder or wondering how to break through your PB in your workouts osteopathy has something to offer you. Our osteopaths have experience treating top elite athletes and are true experts in your body and each practitioner has their own particular specialism so we can place you with the best hands for you.

The Team:
Rosie Scott
Gemma Holland-Brown
Matt Langford
Duncan Webster
Anna Wylie
Anuvrat Singh

Initial Consultation £76
Follow-Up Consultation £64
Extended Follow-Up Consultation £76


Making sure your muscles are firing correctly and allowing your body to move in a co-ordinated and efficient way will allow you to recover from your injuries as quickly as possible. Research has also shown that being as fit as possible pre-injury allows you to work through any injuries you are unfortunate enough to pick up with as little disruption as possible.

The Team:
Anuvrat Singh

 Stavros Daoukas

Initial Consultation £76
Follow-Up Consultation £64
Extended Follow-Up Consultation £76


Whether you play a particular sport, run long distances or even just to the bus, you use your feet all day every day and you ask them to work in whatever footwear you want. Our podiatry services will stop you from ever being in pain, make sure that your footwear not only feels comfortable but enhances your performance in your activity.

The Team:
Gareth Frame
Victor Sowunmi

Consultation & Gait Analysis £64
Gait Analysis & Orthotic Cast £90
Semi-Bespoke Orthotics £70
Bespoke Orthotics £320

Sports Medicine & Radiology

Most injuries are not suitable for surgery but all should have an expert diagnosis and management program for the fastest recovery and makes sure you don’t just get better for the short term. Ultrasound diagnoses, ultrasound guided injections and MRI reporting enable our patients to have a deeper understanding of their injury as well as making sure your injuries are being appropriately treated.  Our sports medicine doctors also work for premiership football and rugby teams so you can be sure you are in the most experienced hands.

The Team:
Brinda Christopher (Consultant)
Mr Dimitri Amiras (Consultant)

Initial Consultation £220

Follow-Up Consultation £150

Ultrasound Investigation or Treatment from £160

Clinical Pilates

Pilates forms a foundation for a strong body. By assessing the body for both function and dysfunction, our clinical pilates will prepare and maintain your body, preventing injuries and providing a way for you to get the most from your body in an effortless way.

The Team:
Lucy Anderson

60 minutes: £70
45 minutes: £60
30 minutes: £45

Performance Nutrition

Nutrition is the foundation to optimal health and performance. Whether you are looking to boost your work out performance, train for an event, improve your body composition or supercharge your health, having a structured nutrition plan can help you achieve your goals. At Third Space Medical we offer a Performance Nutrition service that is personalised to you.Every time you eat it is a chance to take you either closer to your goals or further away.

Liam Holmes

Initial Consultation £150

Follow-Up Consultation: £60

Functional Medicine Testing: £140-750

Medical and Chinese Acupuncture

Our clinic integrates Chinese medicine theory with recent fascia and biomechanincal research to provide new solutions for our patients. By aiming to treat the root of a condition by restoring function to the body at the deepest and most basic level.

The Team:
Sara Packard


New Patients 90 minutes £100
60 minutes £85
45 minutes £74
30 minutes £60

Sports Therapy and Massage

At the most basic level, massage allows the body to heal and recover more quickly and efficiently, allowing the muscles to build and endure the physical exercise being asked of them. Anyone serious about getting fit or working towards a sporting goal should be getting regular (at least once monthly) massages.

The Team:
Tim Holman

Sara Packard

Charges Sports Massage:
60 minutes £70
45 minutes £58
30 minutes £46

Charges Facial Manipulation:
90 minutes £100

60 minutes £80
45 minutes £68

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