The 5 Minute Mobility Routine You Need Every Morning


The 5 Minute Mobility Routine You Need Every Morning

Third Space Elite PT Henry Howe takes you through the simple moves you need to stay limber.

The commute from bedroom to living room when working from home is getting pretty old. And doesn’t help us hit our movement goals. But there’s no need to let WFH put your body back in lock-down. Thankfully, we have the simple antidote you need to grease your joints and keep you feeling mobile and healthy. Start your day with this simple 5-minute routine and keep moving forward. Perform each exercise once, for a total of 1 minute.

Members can find more mobility flows, as well as other workouts, in the Third Space App.

Angry Cat Happy Cat

Lumbar Rolls

Jefferson Curl

Hip Flexor Mobilisation

World’s Greatest Stretch

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