How To Find The Perfect Staycation


How To Find The Perfect Staycation

Ditch the planes and stick to trains and automobiles in your search for a rejuvenating escape in 2021.

Before the pandemic, travel was a crucial part of people’s lives. From annual alpine ski trips to pressing the reset button at a retreat in Thailand, the world was your metaphorical oyster. Now, as we look closer to home, you’d expect to be poorer for it – but you’d be wrong.

2021 is the year of the staycation, and it’s predicted that, as people realise the brilliance of a UK break, it’ll be a burgeoning trend long after life returns to normal. So, to help you make the most of your time off here in Blighty, we’ve curated a list of our favourite sites, for a refreshing boost to body and mind.

How To Find The Perfect Staycation

Canopy & Stars

Billed as a collection of the most inspiring places to go glamping in the UK, Canopy & Stars is a selection of unique, creative places to stay in the outdoors, giving you a genuine experience of a life more wild. You can choose a night in the British countryside perched in a grown-up treehouse, or retreat to a remote Shepherd’s Hut to finally work on that novel. Or, if you’re really smart, set your search to huts with outdoor hot tubs for the most luxurious way to soak up the health benefits of nature.

How To Find The Perfect Staycation


Artist Residence

This collection of hotels is ideal for those who want something a little different. Each location is unique, inhabiting old forgotten buildings with bags of character and inspired by their local communities and surroundings, from bohemian Brighton, to peaceful Oxfordshire and the laidback seaside vibes of the Cornish coast. The comfy bedrooms are a home away from home with all you need for a great stay – squashy beds, luxe bathrooms – plus a few added quirks along the way.

How To Find The Perfect Staycation


Sykes Cottages

This is the website for those who need options – Sykes Cottages cater for more than 1million holidaymakers each year. The scale of the operation means that you can zero-in on exactly what you want from your holiday and select your stay based on criteria including pet-friendly, luxury or, crucially ‘near a pub’. Once you’ve selected your destination, the websites collection of useful local guides will also come in handy.

How To Find The Perfect Staycation


Kip Hideaways

This is the website for those who prefer the exact opposite. Kip only features gorgeous self-catering hideaways for 2-6 people, in an affordable price bracket. Many of the hideaways fly under the radar (it’s part of their appeal), so to help keep them exclusive Kip decided on a membership site. But a very affordable one, to create a community of like-minded souls to share discoveries with.

How To Find The Perfect Staycation


The Pig Hotels

This growing collection of hotels has been trotting along at the forefront of luxe country retreats for years. Beginning in Brockenhurst in the New Forest, you can now benefit from their stylish rooms, nutritious yet delicious food and spa treatments across the south of England. Sure, self-catering is fun, but if you want to hand over your quintessential countryside experience to the experts, then look no further.


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