Physiotherapist and Consultant to EIS athletes

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Performance Medicine and Conditioning in training


B.Sc, (Hons) Chartered Physiotherapist HCPC CSP; Sports Therapy and Massage, APNT


Tim is a registered Sports Physiotherapist and prior to joining Third Space Sports Medicine, he has worked with elite athletes on behalf of Sports Medicine Australia and the English Institute of Sport. He is also certified in sports massage, dry needling and rehab therapy enabling him to work with the Australian Football League and Premier League Football.

Tim believes in focusing on therapy that compliments training to bring out client’s physical and physiological best. He believes with the right instruction from trainers and therapists everyone is capable of pursuing athletic movement. He considers the body as your most valuable investment you can make and that optimal function is achieved through proper movement. Tim trusts his ability for spotting poor movement patterns and treating musculoskeletal disorders which will put you on the path to being able to enjoy life pain free.

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