Paul Argent


Rehabilitation and prescriptive muscle loading


BSc (Hons)




Paul uses a unique 5 step rehabilitation process which enables him to identify and strengthen the
weak muscles that are contributing to your issues.

1. Discover. Everything starts with a Discovery Session. Following a conversation about your current
situation, Paul assesses your body for range of motion restrictions. These restrictions are indicative
of specific muscle weakness.

2. Plan. Paul prioritises the restrictions found according your history and an understanding of human
movement. There is now an immediate plan to get you moving better.

3.Resolve. Using the revolutionary Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) treatment process, Paul
moves through your body unlocking motion at these restricted segments as he identifies the weak
muscles that are holding you back and improve their function.

4. Load. Once you’re moving better with fewer compensations and less pain, it’s time to add
resistance to get you stronger. He’ll show you exactly how to use resistance training in order to
improve your performance and stay healthy.

5. Thrive. What would you do in life if the limits you’re currently experiencing were removed?
Whatever that is, that’s our goal.

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