Madeleine Shaw


Madeleine has been working in the wellness industry for 7 years, written 3 best selling books and launched a holistic wellness app called Glow Guides.


Diploma In Nutrition from CNM, London.


As well as being a leading voice on the wellness scene, Madeleine is a nutritional therapist, bestselling cookery writer, qualified yoga instructor and new mum.

Over the last five years she has transformed a simple food blog into a wellness community, with over 700k fans across multiple media platforms.

Now an established voice on the UK wellness scene, Madeleine posts inspiring content across her channels, helping her fans to ‘get the glow’. Her delicious, fail-safe recipes, combined with her nutritional knowledge, have meant she has become a go-to resource for hundreds of thousands of fans – in the UK and beyond.


Madeleine’s Approach

In each consultation I will assess the individual’s general health, family and health history, dietary habits, digestive function and lifestyle. This will allow me to create a dietary and lifestyle plan suitable for the individual’s circumstances with the aim of addressing their health goals. This may include dietary adjustments, suggestions for dietary support, lifestyle changes and food or botanical supplement recommendations.

I often use tests such as stool analysis, hormone panels, organic acid analysis to investigate more. The results of the tests help me to better understand the unique nutritional needs of my clients.

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