Gemma Holland-Brown


Running and Athletic Injury


Registered Osteopath (GOsC)
B.Sc, (Hons) M.Ost


Gemma is passionate about running, having competed in several half marathons and marathons, she understands the demands running can put on your body and how to prevent injuries in order to produce results, whether taking part in competitive events or running around the park at the weekend.
As a sufferer of migraines since early childhood Gemma was drawn to osteopathy after successful osteopathic treatment helped to alleviate the condition. Training at the British School of Osteopathy and qualifying with distinction, Gemma enjoyed working at several community clinics and treating a wide variety of patients in particular sports specific and pre- and post-natal patients. Gemma uses techniques such as dry needling, massage, therapeutic taping, and giving advice specific to each individual’s needs.

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