Andrew Nicholettos

Andy is a multi-award-winning Osteopath, with First class honours in Sports and Exercise Science, three separate distinctions at postgraduate level in Osteopathy, Sport and Exercise Medicine, and Musculoskeletal Medicine, and research and pedagogical expertise spanning exercise rehabilitation and sport performance. Andy has worked with recreational and elite athletes from multiple sports, and specialises in persistent pain conditions of the shoulder, spine and knee.

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Andy has worked in both NHS and private settings, and was one of the first osteopaths in the country to work in an extended scope role, where he developed his interest in ‘non resolving’ conditions of the spine, shoulder and knee. His clinical armoury blends hands on skills with personalised exercised based solutions and lifestyle approaches. Within the field of Sports Medicine, Andy has worked with a number of professional and recreational elite athletes spanning British Athletics, Premiership Rugby/Football, and European Tour Golf, where, as a scratch level golfer, he has a particular passion and pedigree. Indeed, he has focused a large part of his career combining his long-standing passion for the game, with knowledge of golf specific biomechanics and time spent with world leading coaches. The outcome has been a culture of success that has been recognised across Europe and America, and a paradigm shift in our understanding of how healthcare can improve the physical health of golfers – on and off of the course.


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