Every body is different.

Make the most of your club in different ways, depending on your needs and goals.

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To reach a destination you need to understand the starting point


For new members: Third Space doesn’t do inductions. Instead, during a unique 1-hr session, we comprehensively assess where you are physically and create tailored programmes to help you get where you want to be.

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Session 1: Assess

A one hour session encompassing:


A discussion of lifestyle
and goals. We listen.


A comprehensive movement assessment to screen for postural imbalances and any areas of weakness. Generic programmes often miss underlying issues which can compromise enjoyment and results.


A biometric scan evaluating body fat, visceral fat, lean muscle mass and hydration or a short workout based on your initial assessment. This not only helps qualify goals, but can also detect underlying health risks. Literally life-saving.

Session 2: Personalised Programme

Your trainer will use this information to develop a personalised programme. This will be delivered to you within 48 hours. Your trainer will run through the programme, technique and training frequency to help you understand and feel ownership.

New members enquiry

Maximum results, Maximum efficiency

Personal Training

You know where you’re going.
Maximise your programme and get there fast with Personal Training.

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Our Philosophy

Dedicated, passionate, intelligent: welcome to bespoke personal training. Proven to achieve results faster through support, attention to technique and insight into the latest training methods.


From elite sport to physical therapy, our trainers bring their experience to help you reach your goals. Access the expertise you need, from weight training and muscle activation to pre and post-natal fitness.

Pricing Structure

Canary Wharf
Tier 2: £64/hr to £72/hr
Elite: £77/hr to £85/hr

Soho and Marylebone
Tier 2: £65/hr to £75/hr
Elite: £77/hr to £85/hr

Tower Bridge
Personal Trainer: £65/hr to £72/hr

Personal Trainer: £65/hr to £80/hr
Elite Personal Trainer: £85/hr to £100/hr

Price per session dependent on number of sessions booked. Ask at concierge to discuss the right pricing option for your training.

Meet the trainers

Gonçalo Esteves

Gonçalo is an enthusiastic movement practitioner that believes integrative movement to be key in all physical
processes - prehab, conditioning and rehab. An injury to his back led up a broader approach that combines movement, breathing techniques and PRACTICE. He believes integrative movement reignites the sensory system to help you reconnect with your body.


Neda Karaliute

Neda has a strong and athletic background but this was not the main reason she became a personal trainer. She chose this career because of her own discovery of "the feel good" factor.
Neda found this out by practising an active and healthy lifestyle, so she wanted to share her "feel good" factor with others.


Scott Leahy

Scott’s passion and understanding of health & fitness is his driving force to create confident and healthy journeys for his clients, whilst creating an informative and fun atmosphere.
With an extensive background in postural movement analysis and podiatry, Scott has a deep understanding of the human anatomy, coupled with nutritional qualifications to assist his wide range of expertise, to help clients reach their health and fitness goals.


Egle Taraskeviciute

Egle has been practising various martial arts for more than 20 years as a hobby. In 2010 she decided to leave her office job to follow her passion in teaching physical activity by embracing a healthy balance between performance driven training, functional fitness and muscle building/fat burning techniques.


Tom Colville

Coming from a successful football and sporting background Tom understands what it takes to achieve your goal. Tom provides a personal, passionate and meticulous approach to ensure you maximise your results and enjoy the process!


Seb James

Ex British Army with 8 years of service under his belt, Seb left the military to move to London and follow his passion in the health and fitness industry. With a qualified in nutrition and applied supplementation as well as diabetes and obesity, he likes to apply his knowledge to his clients to enable them to gain maximum results.


Shoshi Freundilch

Shoshi’s aim when working with a client is to help them achieve their goals in a way that’s specific to the individual and their lifestyle. She believes health and fitness is long term, so aims to work with clients to ensure the journey to their goals is enjoyable and sustainable so that the results are lasting.


Tony Webster

Tony is an expert in the science of human movement, he specialises in Sport Rehabilitation and Functional Strength Training. He is much sort after by those looking for a personal trainer and therapist who genuinely understands how both specialties can work for them.



Greg sees himself as more of a sports performance coach than a personal trainer. Having been raised in a competitive martial arts family, Greg studied and competed in full contact arts from a young age and travelled around the world, developing his knowledge and coaching skills within his sport.



Harry's Royal Marine’s background helped him find his love for helping rehabilitation and injury prevention, to allow his clients to achieve their personal sporting and health objectives. He is distinguished in injury prevention, strength and endurance training.


John Marais

John’s passion and understanding of health and fitness helps you train harder and smarter. He is able to listen and understand his clients’ fitness goals, and use his expertise to create tailored training sessions that are fun, informative and motivational.

With John’s guidance, you can lose weight, build muscle, gain strength and improve flexibility and coordination.


Gary McAuley

Gary has a wealth of experience in the fitness industry both as a personal trainer and CrossFit instructor. Serving ten years in the military his passion lies in functional fitness, Olympic lifting and CrossFit. He is currently studying a degree in Strength and Conditioning at St Mary’s University.


Andrada Enciulescu

Andrada has a strong background in nutrition and her specialty is body re-composition. She is studying Human Nutrition and Exercise Science at the University of Westminster and truly believes that a well-built program complimented by a balanced nutritional program is the key to achieving any fitness goal.


Aneet Sanghani

Aneet specialises in body transformations. Whether it’s from losing fat and toning up, to bulking up and getting that Kim K bum. Aneet makes sure you’re taken care of and tailor every session to your needs. No matter how many road blocks get in your way, Aneet will make sure you get to your destination.



Tom’s background is driven by Strength and Conditioning with Biomechanics. He believes in promoting strength training for everyone, no matter your age, is fundamental for achieving great results. He has also worked in professional football and collegiate swimming.

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Satisfy every fitness goal


Delicious, natural food created exclusively by elite sports performance nutritionist David Dunne.

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Satisfy every fitness goal


Delicious, natural food created exclusively by elite sports performance nutritionist David Dunne.

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Address imbalances through, diet, exercise and stress management

Premium Services

Advanced screening and consultation services at our dedicated elite medical centre for an even more detailed and personalised health advice.

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An initial consultation with a Third Space doctor, with a detailed pro forma reviewing symptoms and lifestyle. Via blood sample, receive a fu ll report and recommendations on how to address any minor imbalances through diet, exercise and stress management or, if appropriate, bio-identical hormones. Includes adrenal stress testing.

Food Allergies
And Sensitivity

An increasingly popular blood-sample test to help solve food-related allergies and intolerances.

Genetic Analysis
For Diet & Fitness

This analysis gives recommendations for diet and training plans based on the member’s genes. Injury risk, response to weight training, carbohydrate sensitivity can all be assessed via simple saliva test.

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