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Will Longhurst


Calisthenics and body weight exercise
Marathon Training and Running
Weight management
Functional training
Olympic and Power Lifting
Trail and Adventure Races


Ido Portal Movment X
UKSA weight lifting
Group exercise instructor on Sweat1000, Xtreme and Speed Fiends classes
Reps level 3
TRX suspension training
Power Plates instructor


What is your favourite exercise?

Handstand – an awesome combination of strength, balance, mobility, posture and proprioception.

When you aren’t working out, what are you doing?

Jumping out of planes or riding motorbikes.

Describe your attitude to fitness in 3 words

Hard, Fast, Fun! 

Trainer Bio

Will doesn’t believe in doing things by halves, he generally takes everything to extremes; this includes a 100 mile 24 hour Ultra marathon and an Ironman Triathlon (his first triathlon). In addition to this, he has competed in the ‘Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest Race’ finishing in the top 1% out of 6000 runners, he also finished in the top 2% in the ‘Tough Guy’ race as well as finishing in the top 15 of the ‘Brutal 10’ race and came first in his weight class in the S.A.S gym powerlifting competition. Will is now toying with the idea of competing in a double Ironman race involving a 5 mile swim, 2220 miles cycle and finishing off with a 50 miles run.

Will is a Tier 2 Personal Trainer

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