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Tim Joseph


Functional strength training
Mobility and movement coaching
Indian club & power club
Boxing and combat
Aesthetics (muscle gain/fat loss)


BSc (Hons) Sports Science
EXOS Phase 1 & 2
FMS (Functional movement screen)
Kettlebell instructor qualifications with RKC (Pavel Tsatsouline), RGSF, IKSFA, OLF
Kettlebell sport camp at Siberian Institute for sport, under Anton Anasenko
Ido Portal – Movement X


If you weren’t a PT what would you be?

My father was a Sergeant Major and I grew up in Army barracks across the world, it was an awesome childhood. I would be in the military

What are you happiest doing?

Carving fresh tracks on my snowboard on a sunny morning in the Alps

Tell us something about you that no one else knows?

I gave the gift of life and was a sperm donor when I was a student

Trainer Bio

Tim is a pioneer for kettlebell sport in the UK, having competed in the first ever competitions in this field, helping to promote and organise the sport, he became the first British athlete to compete internationally.  His knowledge in kettlebell training is unsurpassed.

He has a 20 year career in fitness and has evolved with it, continually adding courses and workshops as different methods come out, and incorporating the best of these when delivering highly individualized training programmes.

He has a relaxed vibe and a warm energy, but will be determined to get the best possible level out of you so you achieve a result.

Tim Joseph is a Elite Personal Trainer

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