Stef Stefanova

Stef had no background in sport. Growing up in a family which struggled with obesity she decided to break the cycle as an adult and educate herself on how to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle. As someone who is not a natural athlete and has been on the other side, she has a great understanding and empathy of what it takes to turn someone’s life around and make a positive change that is long-term and sustainable.

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Strength training
Body composition
Sustainable fat loss
Pre and Post Natal


Pre-Script L1
Pre and Post Natal


Stef has been a trainer for over 3 years with experience with all types of clients from an age range between 16-75 with all types of goals around improving how they look, feel, and move. Having worked with busy professionals, she understands the time and energy constraints the general population deals with, and she works with her clients to find solutions that fit within their lifestyle. No two clients are the same, and Stef’s approach is tailored for everyone she works with.

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