Shernelle Francois

Shernelle is a dedicated calisthenics hybrid coach who firmly believes in transforming people's lives through health and fitness. With her extensive expertise and profound understanding of calisthenics and nutrition, she guides clients towards a better lifestyle. Valuing their goals and well-being, she motivates and tailors training to individual needs.

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Strength and conditioning
Mindset coaching


AFN advanced nutrition
L4 strength and conditioning


Shernelle is an exceptional personal trainer with a background as a student-athlete in the USA. Her skills and discipline, honed through consistently securing a spot in the starting lineup, have shaped her as both an athlete and a dedicated personal trainer. With a strong emphasis on teamwork, Shernelle creates a supportive environment for her clients. Shernelle’s commitment to client success is unwavering, understanding that each fitness journey is unique. She specializes in tailored fitness plans, adapting and structuring programs to suit individual needs. Whether it’s weight loss, strength gain, improved endurance, or overall wellness, Shernelle designs personalised programs aligned with clients’ objectives and capabilities.

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