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Seb James


Weight loss
Body Composition and Hypertrophy
Nutrition and supplementation
Functional strength training
Obesity and Diabetes
Obstacle Course Race Training
Sport and endurance Nutrition


Nutrition BSc
Level 3 REPs Personal Trainer
Level 3 Strength and Conditioning
Exercise Referral
Level 4 Obesity and Diabetes
Nutrition and Applied Supplementation (Association for Nutrition accredited)
Clinical Nutrition
Level 2 Crossfit Coach
Level 1 BASI Snowboard Instructor


What is your favourite exercise?

Dumbbell Bench Press… It’s a “bro” exercise, but it’s hard to top.

How do you start your day?

A black coffee and an episode of adventure time.

Describe your attitude to fitness in 3 words.

Easy to maintain.

Trainer Bio

Seb’s passion for exercise and nutrition flourished whilst serving in the British Army, day to day physical activities and undertaking various endurance events, made him realise the importance of health and the vital role nutrition plays. It was during events such as the 100km Bornem Death March and South Downs 100 mile speed march, that he realised prior preparation and knowledge would aid himself and his team mates, this led him to undergo continuous education in the area and eventually leave the military to join the industry permanently. He is currently studying Nutrition at Westminster University whilst also Studying to become an internationally recognised Sports Nutritionist (CISSN).

Seb is a Tier 2 Personal Trainer

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