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Body transformation
Functional and bodyweight training
Lifestyle and nutrition adaptation 
Pre and postnatal


Pre and Postnatal 
Diploma Raw Food Nutrition
Currently Diploma Diet and Nutrition


How do I start my day?

Dog walk with miniature chihuahua, peanut butter on toast for me and peanut butter for Vanilla Bean ‘Nil’

It’s cheat day! What’s your favourite food to indulge?

Pizza, pasta, popcorn, ice-cream (though you’ll probably find me eating popcorn daily)
I don’t cheat myself I treat myself!

When you aren’t working out what are you doing?

Travelling (last destination Sri Lanka, next destination East Coast America or South Africa)

Trainer Bio

I come from a gymnastics and athletics background, taking part in both sports since the age of 6 to 19 until I went to travelling in Australia and to visit my mum, step-dad and sister in 2012. In 2015 I hung up my functional training towel for a while when I started prepping for an aesthetics show which is still in the plans Functional training plays a big part in my training, getting out of bed shouldn’t be a struggle, nor should getting up and down the stairs, you’ll find me going back back to basics like ‘rollbacks, rotations, planks, etc’

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