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Ross Bygrave


Strength & Conditioning
Technique Correction
Postural Correction
Stress Management


REPS Level 3 Personal Trainer
Body-weight Training
Kettle bells Qualified
TRX Qualified
Nutritional Advice
Circuit Training


How do you start your day?

A Strong Flat White.

What is your pre and post work out go to food?

Pre - A Small Handful of Mixed Nuts. Post - Kefir.

What is your favourite exercise?

Ring muscle ups.

Trainer Bio

Ross has been playing sports his whole life, including; mountain biking, football, gymnastics and trampolining.
He used to work in IT for central London banks and in his spare time he was always in a gym somewhere or out on his bike. His family holidays consisted of travelling to Scotland and Wales for mountain biking, running and sailing. So he decided to switch his lifestyle to pursue his hobbies and interest and teach others how to lead a healthier and happier lifestyle.

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This is about you

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