Third Space Canary Wharf PT Rory Mallace

Rory Mallace

Rory’s philosophy is that any great trainer is also a great teacher. He believes in thoughtful guidance of his clients, with great attention to detail, so that they can truly achieve fitness for life. Rory is passionate about movement quality, so expect to see his client’s progress from simple to very complex movements with great efficiency and mechanics. He prides himself and his clients on “look good, move well”.

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Functional fitness
Muscular hypertrophy
Endurance training
Strength and power training
Concurrent training
Sport specific training / athletic performance
Nutrition for both performance and body composition


MSc Exercise Physiology
BSc Biomedical Sciences (Health, Exercise and Nutrition)
CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
CrossFit Specialty Course – Aerobic Capacity
British Army Physical Training Instructor
Loughborough University Performance Lifestyle Mentorship


Rory has worked with a broad range of individuals; from British Rowers working towards the Olympic Games, to military personnel, to people simply wanting to get fitter and healthier. He brings this wealth of experience and professionalism to every single one of his clients, ensuring they reach their goals and all whilst having fun in the process.

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