Third Space PT Rory Bain

Rory Bain

Rory is a clinical doctor with a Masters’ Degree in Sports and Exercise Medicine. He is passionate about combining evidence-based and holistic approaches to training in order to unlock his clients’ potential to transform their skill, performance and confidence.

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Olympic weightlifting
Performance cycling
Weight loss


MBBS (Medical bachelor and bachelor of surgery)
MSc Sports and Exercise Medicine (with distinction)
Level 3 Personal Trainer


Rory’s sporting passion is defined by the breadth of his accomplishments achieved while training. He has competed at a University level in a wide range of sports including: trampolining, springboard diving, boxing, Gaelic football and triathlon. Rory has now turned his focus to cycling and Olympic Weightlifting. Rory finds joy in nurturing his clients’s capability at any sporting or fitness endeavour.

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