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Functional Training 
Prehab / Rehab specific training 
Sport Specific Training 
Boxing / Kickboxing 
Weight Loss 
Strength & Conditioning


Degree in Sport Science 
MSc in High Performance
UKSCA Weight Lifting 
REPS Level 3. Personal Trainer 
Sport Massage Therapist 
National Fitness Coach


How do you start your day?

With energy & a possitive attitude 

What is Third Space to you?

Is my first or second space, I spend most of my time here...

What has been your favourite moment/highlight of being a PT?

Every comment from my clients, knowing they are improving their quality of life through our sessions

Trainer Bio

Ronny has been working in the fitness, boxing & the football industry for over 10 years with several different gyms and football clubs in Barcelona, Gran Canaria and London, always in a professional setting and always working to achieve the highest level of athletic performance and wellbeing.

This is your space This is your space

Training for life.

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