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Nutrition Coaching
Functional Training
High Intensity Training
Metabolic Conditioning
Body Composition and fat loss
Lifestyle Management


MSc Human Nutrition (University of Surrey)
AfN registered Associate Nutritionist
BSc (hons) Sport Science (University of Wales, Cardiff)
REPs Level 3 Personal Trainer


What is your favourite exercise?

The prowler for its versatility and ability to mimic lower body mechanics of running – it’s a great tool for losing body fat, adding muscle and improving power.

It's cheat day! What's your favourite food to indulge?

I don’t believe in cheat days or demonising any foods, if I fancy something I’ll have it!

How do you start your day?

My day always has to start with a cup of tea – strong with a splash of milk.

Trainer Bio

Rachel has been passionate about sports and exercise from an early age, having competed in cross-country and athletics at a national level. Rachel’s mission is to empower clients to take control of their well-being, to care for their body and achieve fitness and confidence like never before. She will work with you to improve your fitness in a healthy, sustainable way and to help develop a positive relationship towards nutrition. She will help you find a balanced, healthy approach to moving more and a lifestyle you enjoy utilising exercise as more than just a weight loss tool.

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