Petrus de Jager

Petrus is a muscle activation techniques specialist, Biomechanist - he specialises in optimising muscle functioning by using Muscle Activation Techniques to identify and treat muscular imbalances and weaknesses. Petrus believes in using strength training as building blocks for endurance training events, or simply for longevity of life.

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MAT - muscle and biomechanics
Identifying muscular weaknesses
Endurance training- running, cycling, swimming
Weight loss
Strength gains


HND Sport and Exercise Technology - SA
MAT (Muscle Activation Techniques)
Sports Massage - University of Technology
NSCA - CPT Personal Trainer
ASA Level 1 Swimming coach
Extreme Kettlebell instructor
Performance Boxing Instructor


In South Africa Petrus competed in a variety of sports, achieving provincial colours in triathlon, duathlon and hockey. He has studied sport science and sports massage in South Africa and then later muscle activation techniques (MAT) in Denver Colorado. MAT focuses on correcting muscular imbalances and weaknesses. Petrus still competes in triathlon ranging from Ironman to Olympic distance and other endurance events.

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