Neda Karaliute

Neda has a strong and athletic background but this was not the main reason she became a personal trainer. She chose this career because of her own discovery of "the feel good" factor.
Neda found this out by practising an active and healthy lifestyle, so she wanted to share her "feel good" factor with others.

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Circuit and HIIT training
Nutritional advice, guidance and support
Weight management
Tailored workout plans
Lifestyle coaching


Level 3 certified in personal training - Faster Global
Functional training course - Faster Global
CMT course - Faster Global


Neda has been a very active individual from a young age. Her first love was athletics but due to a bad injury this passion was stopped, however, after growing up in Lithuania she moved to the UK where she reconnected with her passion and rediscovered her “feel good factor”. Her approach to fitness is very holistic. Fitness to Neda is all about fun and positivity, she truly believes that the stronger you become physically the stronger you become mentally.

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