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Matt Carrey


Body Sculpting
HIIT (high intensity interval training)
Lifestyle habits
Functional strength
Raising metabolic rate


EIF Master Trainer
REPS level 3 Personal Trainer
Nutrition and Weight management
Core Stability and functional training


How would you define the right lifestyle?

Make time; don’t find it – whilst always maintaining the right balance around wants and needs.

Most reward thing about your job?

Seeing the changes in not only the body but also clients’ self-esteem and confidence that comes with commitment to training.

What makes you happy?

Being in the ocean surfing or spending quality time with family and friends.

Trainer Bio

Matt has had personal experience competing in fitness model competitions after which he went on to modelling. From helping you reach your target body fat levels for a sculpted body, to building functional strength and raising metabolic rates, Matt believes progression never stops as there’s always a next step. Focusing on nutrition is a key aspect for seeing change and he believes in the importance of teaching about nutritional habits for clients to action after training sessions.

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