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Marc Antoine


Resistance training for improved strength, power & hypertrophy
Functional movement assessment and corrective exercise strategies
HIIT & Metabolic Conditioning
Nutritional Consultation


CYQ L3 Diploma in Personal Training
CUQ L3 Principles of Nutrition
L2 FMS Certified Trainer
Suspension Training


What is your Favourite Exercise?

Deadlifts – It is the most challenging and rewarding exercise for me. After a set of deadlifting everything feels switched on!

If you weren’t a PT what would you be?

A ‘teacher’ of the life coach variety.

Trainer Bio

Marc believes in quality over quantity and that the quality and function of your movement is the foundation on which we build your performance. Most fundamentally, what he wants for his clients is an ever-growing sense of ability, confidence and self-efficiency.

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