Luke Johny

Luke is a former British Army paratrooper with a keen eye for detail when it comes to coaching. As well as aiming to achieve the client's main goals, he strives for his clients to be able to “move better, feel better and perform better”.

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Strength Training
Functional Training


Reps Qualified Level 3 PT
Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint - Dean Somerset & Tony Gentilcore
Complete Sports Conditioning - Mike Boyle


Luke has always had a passion for fitness, especially for strength and conditioning which played a key role in preparing him for his military career and in passing one of the toughest military selection courses in the world. Luke is a firm believer of mastering the basics when it comes to exercise, but he also aims to keep his coaching fun, varied, and strives to get the most out of his clients in each session. He believes that with the right training, mindset and guidance, individuals can surpass their limitations and excel in their fitness and training goals.

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