Third Space PT Liz Marsland

Liz Marsland

Liz boasts over a decade of experience as a fitness and health professional, beginning her coaching journey at the young age of 13.

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Strength Training
Weight Loss
Cross Fit
Pre and Post-Natal
Sports Conditioning


BSc Sport and Exercise Sciences
HFPA PT and Sport Conditioning
Massage Therapy Cert.
Pre and Post-Natal
Reiki L2
Yoga teacher 200h
CrossFit L2 Trainer
Sound Practitioner


As a former competitive athlete, Liz intimately understands the mental and physical aspects of training for fitness and health goals across all levels. Her expertise is diverse and extensive, and she is committed to creating safe and diverse training environments that cater to individuals of all levels, goals, and abilities.

Her mission is to not only align with individuals’ needs but also surprise them with new skills and capabilities. Emphasizing the enjoyment of exercise and movement, Liz believes in integrating them into a well-balanced lifestyle routine.

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