Lee Spencer

Lee believes the human body is a philosophy of varied training systems and muscular movement, where you must adapt and evolve in live with always changing demands. One must always achieve balance in a training routine to aid and maintain a healthy wellbeing.

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Weight Loss
Functional Training
Strength Training
Boxing Pad Work
Kick Boxing Pad Work
Core Training
S.A.Q Training
Bosu Training


Premier Fitness Personal Training. Level 3
YMCA Advance Gym Instructor. Level 3
CYQ Personal Trainer
CYQ Advance Gym Instructor.
CYQ Understanding the Fitness, Leisure and Recreation Industry.
CYQ Knowledge Unit Certificate.
RSA Exercise to Music
Pulse Spin Instructor
Bosu Integrated Balance Training
London Kettlebells Attendance Certificate
Boxercise Personal Training Course
YMCA Disability Level 4
Fight Klub Bag Box, Fight Klub Beat Box, Fight Klub Just Combat, Fight Klub Pad Work
Over 25 years working within the fitness industry


Lee’s love for boxing and various martial art forms, led him to fitness training and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It was his passion for teaching classes that took him directly into personal training in the early ninety’s, when he began training people from all backgrounds and fitness levels to reach there desired goals. His training routines are hard, rewarding and they get results.

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