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Fitness modelling
Boot-camp style class master
Fat loss
Kettle bells


Level 2 gym instructor
Level 3 personal training
Kettle bells instructor
Basketball coaching
Fight klub instructor


What's your motivational tip?

To me there's 1st place and 1st last and 2nd last, there’s NO just 2nd & 3rd place, you have to boss everything you do, stay humble and attack every day like it's your last!

What is your favourite exercise?

Pull ups. There’s nothing like the burn and pump from a good old set of 40.

What is your lifestyle statement?

Never strive to be anyone other than yourself, that's your power! Strive to always be the best version of you.

Trainer Bio

Lawrence is a dedicated personal trainer and studio instructor in the fitness industry with a strong calisthenics background. He is known for his crazy no nonsense class style, bringing to life classes such as bottom line and #gains. He is an ex Nike training club (NTC) trainer with a passion for achieving all types of fitness gains physically and mentally.

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