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Strength & Conditioning
Fat Loss
Metabolic Conditioning
Injury Rehabilitation
MMA/Boxing Conditioning


BSc Strength & Conditioning Sciences
EXOS Performance Mentorship Level 1/2
NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist
FRC (Mobility Specialist)


How do you start your day?

Always with music & black coffee.

What is your favorite exercise?

The King of all exercises. The Squat!

When you are not working out what are you doing?

I love travelling - so looking on travel sites looking for my next adventure!

Trainer Bio

Jordan started personal training at the age of 18, after finishing study at a specialist sports college in Essex. He spent some years learning the trade under some great mentors in the U.K. and internationally. In doing so, he managed to gain experience at Fulham FC & Richmond Rugby Club. As well as helping coach Muay Thai fighters in Thailand. Jordan will be graduating in the summer of 2019 from St. Mary’s University having studied Strength & Conditioning Sciences.

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