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Iwona Szanser


Strength training
Weight loss
Biosignature - body fat spot reduction


Level 3 Personal Training Premier
Power Plate Master Trainer
Biosignature modulation - Poliquin diploma


When you aren't working out what are you doing?

Making somebody else sweat and push them to their limits.

What are happiest doing?

Daydreaming and travelling.

Top motivational tip?

Stop looking around and start looking in the mirror, love who you are and believe that you can achieve anything if you commit 100%.

Trainer Bio

Iwona has always been interested in training and fitness. She played teen sports throughout her childhood and teenage years which naturally lead her to a personal training career in her adult life. She has been working as a private coach and trainer since 2005, working towards becoming a master trainer of Vibration Training after which she progressed into personal training. Iwona specialises  in body composition and fat loss training.

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