Third Space Canary Wharf PT Gemal Wilson

Gemal Wilson

Gemal believes that everyone should strive to be a stronger and fitter version of themselves, built on a foundation of good mobility and movement quality. His unreserved and proactive approach helps his clients to reach their goals through meaningful education and motivation to improve their lifestyle.

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Weight Loss
Building Muscle Mass
Sports Specific Training
Olympic Lifting


Level 3 Personal Trainer
FMS (Functional Movement Screen) Level 1
Eleiko Strength Coach Level 1
LDNM Nutrition Coach


Having played an array of sports for most of his life, performance and longevity in training has always been a priority for Gemal. His passion for resistance training began with researching the most efficient ways to affect body composition. This then transpired into the application of building functional strength though power-building and comprehensive mobility routines. With Gemal’s help you will feel better, move better and perform better.

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