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Function fitness
Olympic lifting
Strength and Conditioning


Level 3 Personal Trainer
Level 4 Obesity and diabetes
CrossFit Instructor Level 1
Exercise Referral
Strength and Condition CPD
Kettlebell CPD
Cycle CPD


What is your favourite exercise?

Clean and Jerk

When you aren't working out, what are you doing?

Studying for my degree or traveling

What are you happiest doing?

Staying active… Football, Skiing, training. Just keep moving, stay heathy and have fun.

Trainer Bio

Gary served in the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force for ten years and trained as a Personal Trainer and CrossFit instructor whilst serving. Whist on tours of Afghanistan he discovered his passion for functional fitness as gyms were not always readily available. A lack of gym would not keep him from his workout. After leaving the military in 2017 Gary is continuing with his education whilst studying a degree in Strength and Condition at St Mary/s University.

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