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Olympic lifting
Strength training
Interval training
Weight/Fat loss


Olympic lifting UKSCA
REPS Advanced level 3 trainer
Diploma in Personal Training
Poliquin P.I.C.P Strength & Conditioning Coach Poliquin BioSignature Practitioner


How do you start your day?

The only way you can start your day when you have a 5am alarm call - Coffee!

What is Third Space to you?

More than a decade of memories!

What is your lifestyle statement?

You only get one body, look after it and it will last you a life time

Trainer Bio

Fiona is a former competitive Figure Skater, Track Athlete and Olympic Lifter, who knows what it takes to succeed.
An established trainer with over 14 years industry experience, Fiona has been working at Third Space for just over 12 years and the majority of her client base she started with in 2003 still remain with her today. A true testament to Fiona’s character, loyalty and delivery of sessions.

Fiona is an Elite Personal Trainer

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