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Felisa Vicente


Physical activity and health
Chronic conditions and injuries
Strength and conditioning
Posture correction
Nutritional advice
Weight loss
Functional training
Core training
Strength training for dancers


Doctorate in Physical Activities and Health
Masters of Physical Activity and Movement
Bachelor of Science for Physical Activities and Sport
Qualified Level 4 Personal Trainer to EREPS
QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) General Teaching Council for England
Qualified Level 3 Gymnastics Coach in both GRD and GAF
Dance Instructor ORTHOS association
Athlete Performance Mentorship phase 1 and phase 2


If you weren’t a PT what would you be?

I couldn’t think about anything else. I always wanted to train and help people with their training

What is your pre and post work out go to food?

Chocolate with 85-90% cocoa and a few nuts

What’s your power tune?

I love listening to mantras and meditation music while I run, it oxygenates my brain and makes me disconnect and focus, it is my “me” time

Trainer Bio

Felisa has always been addicted to movement, she started dancing and fitness at an early age. When she was a teenager Felisa organised her training as if she were an athlete, this was when she realised what she wanted to do in her life “I wanted to train and I wanted to motivate and inspire others to feel the same”. After deciding this, Felisa studied a degree in Sport Science specialising in health, strength and conditioning, teaching, and business, and went on to complete two postgrads in physical activity and health. Now with more than 16 years experience in the field she has found “her way” of training, and sees results in her happy clients. She hopes to be able to help others to achieve their fitness goals and improve their lifestyle.

Felisa is a Tier 2 Personal Trainer

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