Third Space PT Edvard Ervin

Edvard Ervin

Edvard believes that no matter the goal, whether it be losing weight, getting stronger or moving better, that starting your journey off with an understanding of exercising and eating by instilling the right values on which a strong foundation can better your training experience. All this will be achieved through bespoke supervised programming from movements to nutrition which will be enjoyable, rewarding, and challenging, leaving you more confident, knowledgeable, and happier for years to come.

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Fat Loss
Muscle Building
Functional training


Hypertrophy Seminar with Phil Learney
Program Design and Training Theory with Phil Learney
PCC-Progressive Calisthenics Instructor Certification with Kavadlo Brothers, Dragon Door
HKC- Hardstyle Kettlebell Certificate with Dan John, Dragon Door
Level 3 Personal Trainer Certificate


Edvard’s passion for fitness started while serving in the military. He found that the discipline taught him to be patient and humble but also to push through various challenges presented to him in different environments. He found how much it stimulated his mind and spirit. Edvard used different types of training styles to deepen the understanding of human bodies and find out what it is that really works for his clients. By mixing different style of fitness like bodybuilding to bodyweight training he found an elevated way to achieve your fitness goals.

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