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Doug Tannahill


Rehabilitation - recovery from injury
Prehabilitation - prevention of injury
Strength and Conditioning
Medical Acupuncture
Kinesiology Taping


Masters of Osteopathy
BSc Sports and Exercise Science
A.C.S.M Certified Personal Trainer
Certified in Applied Functional Science (CAFS)
Certified in Medical Acupuncture (CertMA)
Certified in Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation (IASTM)
Certified in Functional Movement Screening (FMS)
C.H.E.K Exercise Coach


What is your favourite exercise?

Single Leg Romanian Deadlift (most of my clients know this one very well!)

What is your lifestyle statement?

Your body is your most precious asset. Train hard to help it reach its full potential, but treat it well as it has to last you a lifetime.

When you aren’t working out, what are you doing?

Reading some textbook or paper that you would find really, really dull!

Trainer Bio

Doug is a registered Osteopath and used to be Head Physiologist for Nuffield health. He has worked in the health and industry for his entire professional career, continually studying up-to-date research and working with some of the leading institutions in the field, to ensure that his methods remain up-to-date, evidence-based and clinically effective. This means that he is able to support his clients in achieving their training and lifestyle goals as quickly as effectively as possible! He has worked in a variety of different clinical and sporting settings including being a spinal specialist in a busy Sports and Exercise medicine clinic in Harley Street, professional rugby and Cancer rehabilitation.

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Training for life.

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