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Body transformation
Strength and conditioning
Functional mobility


Poliquin lvl 1 + Biosignature
Fitness industry Education lvl 2 + 3
UK strength and conditioning Association (UKSCA)


How do I start my day?

Coffee and cold shower. Simple!

It’s cheat day! What’s your favourite food to indulge?

Hands down - a juicy burger! Always on the lookout for the best burger in our city. I’m a brioche bun man, medium rare beef. The messier, the better!

When you aren’t working out what are you doing?

Love MMA and Brazilian jujitsu. I’m constantly developing my skill set, at the moment I’m working on my ability to not get choked within the first 2 minutes of sparring.

Trainer Bio

I got a gym membership as soon as I turned 16, initially attempting to follow Flex magazine’s bigger biceps program (resembling the calcium kid I often struggled with the 20 sets of curls). After studying Physics for 3 years at university I learned that I didn’t want a job involving physics. So I got qualified as a trainer in 2011 and I have been pursuing better ways to train ever since. I enjoy getting people comfortable in the weights area and giving them the confidence to try new exercises by themselves.

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