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Mobility and Flow
Strength Development
Muscle Gain
Fat Loss
Efficient Programming
Nutrition and Diet Strategy


L3 Qualified PT
LDNM Nutrition Coach


When you aren’t working out, what are you doing?

You’ll find me head down in a book, demolishing my 7th meal of the day or writing music.

It's cheat day! What's your favourite food to indulge?

Fill a swimming pool with Sweet Potato Fries and call me Michael Phelps!

How do you start your day?

Envying my dog as I leave him to peacefully sleep the day away...

Trainer Bio

Improving the fitness of those around me is without a doubt the driving force behind many of the choices I’ve made in life up to this point. It didn’t start that way. I had originally planned to become a police officer and that’s what I ended up doing for 2 years. I loved the role but it never stood up in comparison to my true passion for developing others. I hung up the handcuffs and never looked back. I slogged through the books and manuals, I took the training and nutrition courses, I got out into the world and put what I learnt to practice. To this day I continue that cycle, content in the belief that I am helping my clients further their knowledge and power to build functional, beautiful bodies that they can be proud of. It’s not about finding the shortcuts, it’s about enjoying the journey!

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