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Dani Nunes

Dani’s practice is process-driven, habit-based and supportive, backed on science, experience and above all, you. He will put you through your paces - but in a thoughtful manner! It’s difficult to make changes to your fitness and health; he is strategic and implements all the marginal changes necessary for sustainability.

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Weight loss through nutrition and exercise coaching
Chronic disease prevention through nutrition and exercise coaching
Athletic performance
Strength and conditioning
Olympic weightlifting
Corrective exercise


Master of Science (MSc) in High Performance Sports Training
Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Sports Science
Resistance Training Specialist (RTS): Upper Extremity, Lower Extremity, Spine and Trunk
Precision Nutrition level 1
WattBike Advanced Practitioner
Planning Effective Programmes for Sports Performance - UK Strength and Conditioning Association (UKSCA)
Weightlifting - UKSCA


Dani has been in the Sports and Health industry for nine years and is an experienced sports and strength and conditioning coach. He holds a Masters in High Performance Sports Training and a degree in Sport Science, which very much defines his practice based on academic knowledge and practical experience.

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